Wednesday, March 24, 2010

yankee does dc

{smiling for the camera}

{a sucker for the shade and lots and lots of attention}

{appreciating art}

{artist, eastern market}

{some obama lovin'}

{exotic beads}

{dancers surprised all market visitors}

{start of spring}

{end of winter}
my parents, yankee and i spent a long saturday afternoon enjoying the sun, food, shopping and parks around eastern market.
1 more day until Saint John!!
(sexy beach pics to come next week)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

new tunes (two-for) Tuesday. Round 6. All the Pretty Beards Edition

my excitement for new music and live shows could not be contained this week and thus i must share with you twice the fun (and beards).

{the fruit bats, the ruminant band}

portland/chicago folk-pop group The Fruit Bats played a (short, but) sweet set Saturday night at the Black Cat. they got everyone singing along with this title track from their 2009 album. they may have gotten a little soft and breezey with age, but they still have some badass tunes like this under their belt.

{megafaun, the process}

Megafaun, a rootsy, Americana, banjo-strummin' folk troupe, are coming to the Black Cat (backstage!) on wednesday the 31st. it's psychadelic meets appalachia finger-picking. this song, from their latest album Gather, Form & Fly, is just a peak at all of the soulful harmonizing, gritty guitar playing, and wandering lyrics. OH, if they only had a stompin' board....

come check them out live with me!

Friday, March 19, 2010

a beautiful Friday

{charleston. by jamie}

happy Friday, friends! i wanted to start off this beautiful friday with a beautiful photo by jamie. gorgeous, no? we're planning on ditching work a little early (shhhh), skipping home, checking out a local furniture sale/giveaway, and going to a modern ballet performance up in dupont - all before my parents and yankee get here. visitors for the weekend! hurrah!
the DC weather this week has put me in such a girlie (i'm even wearing heels today!), artsy, sunshiney mood. check out what i've been into lately....
such a cute and quirky way to redecorate.
a stunning and rich treat for mid-morning coffee.
what a sweet way to send a note.
a different look at one of my favorite cities.
bought tickets last night to see these guys. so excited!
planning ahead for birthday desserts for my 25th.
other sweets that are just so enticing, and so DC.
listen to this before you leave your office. it'll get you excited for the weekend :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

new tunes Tuesday. Round 5. Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons

growing up the son of a baptist minister out in the mid-west, Cory Chisel brings a huge gospel feel to his Americana folk-rock. he's got a killer voice, Jeff Tweedy-esque beard, strong organ playing, and some catchy hand clapping. his debut full-length release Death Won't Send a Letter features his backing group The Wandering Sons alongside members of the Raconteurs and My Morning Jacket. good luck not singing this for the rest of the day.

for their mellower side, check out another one of my favorites - Home in the Woods, from their first EP, Cabin Ghosts.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Capital City Diner and other fun things

diner food, thrifting, shopping, doughnuts, afternoon coffee and our first car trip in AGES. still had tons of fun in the washy weekend.
{the old diner car was relocated from new york}

{jamie quickly turning away after checking out the brett favre lookalike waiter}

{the whole place smelled of warm chocolate chip pancakes}

{mmmmm, my perfect breakfast}

{so bright and cheery for a rainy morning}

the food is good, but the ambiance is better. totally worth checking out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

new tunes Tuesday. Round 4. Hoots and Hellmouth

we saw these guys a few nights ago out at Iota in Virginia. they ROCKED. 4 fantastic musicians playing some twangy, americana folk-rock... got the whole crowd dancing. and even got us contemplating how to make our very own stompin' board for our house.

i hear they enjoy touring the midatlantic coast, so hopefully they'll be back soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

an intro to Spring

60 degrees, abundant sun, neil and tim in for the weekend, homemade breakfasts, coffee shop hopping, used book stores, Tackle Box, neighbor's party, Oscar's party.... one fantastic weekend.

{enjoying breakfast outside of Big Bear coffee shop on Saturday}

{mmmm, delicious hot chocolates}

{perfect weather for pictures}

{tim's sandwich was tempting me}

{jamie enjoying her grilled cheese breakfast in the sun}

{met new neighbors this weekend! we CLEARLY had fun at their party on saturday}


{another coffee break after strolling the streets of Alexandria}

{this is neil. serenading me from outside of the car as we waited at the gas station.
Motown with the windows down... mmm hmmmm}
only 17 more days until our beach camping trip!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

have a sunshiney weekend

yes! that IS me!... in the most terps gear you will ever see me in. EVER. i just had to show off this picture after the huge UMD win over Duke this past week. also - check out my antique cellular telephone in the cup holder in lieu of a frosty college brew. pretttttttty sweet.

onto more sweet things! enjoy some of my favorite posts from the interwebs this week....

Sarah Jane has shared some pretty images of spring time clothes and decor.
So proud.
Mm mmm mmmm. for sunday brunch, perhaps?
...with tea served in one of these.
worth it for the cutest clip-ons?
my favorite tune from last nights show.
for all you antsy urban gardeners - such a great book.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


NOW. i may or may not have (read: totally) just skipped on the past hour of work to stroll down M Street and dine on a cupcake and iced coffee al fresco. y'all should follow suit. it's beautiful out there! HUGE mood boost in the life of a desk worker.

also, today's gonna get EVEN better when we check out these bearded cuties out in (gasp!) Virginia later tonight. yes, yes, i know, not on the top of my Favoriteofthe50states list - but for brews, banjos, flannels and beards - i'm there.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

new tunes Tuesday. Round 3. Beach House.

Okay. First. Ignore the video. Beach House finally stepped up their music game with their latest album, Teen Dream, but have yet to catch me with their videos (with this piece looking like an American Apparel ad featuring a mix of Windows Media Player visualizer, The Never Ending Story, and Scott Morlando's howling wolves t-shirt). Teen Dream is a nostalgic, emotional look at young, unfulfilled relationships. A sad, longing vibe set against pretty instrumentals and lead singer Victoria Legrand's haunting vocals. Baltimore dream pop, indeed.

The album is a bit heavy, but definitely deserves a full listenin'-to. A couple more of my favorites to move to next: Used to Be, Walk in the Park.

Next week (PROMISE) will be all smiles, finger snappin' and tambourines.

Monday, March 1, 2010

things i probably shouldn't share. but will.

hear ye, hear ye! a lot has gone down recently that i believe we need to get out in the open. i'll start:

krishnan got slapped on saturday. by a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that).
there are various prophylactics hanging on display in my kitchen (sorry, mom)
krishnan referenced the movie Mean Girls 3 times in the past 18 hours
jared came over last night. (interpret as you like)
jamie has a new stash of about 300 sam adams bottles.
i ate dessert for dinner last night
david spent a suspicious amount of time in jamie's room before she came home last night. please ask him what he was doing.
i've done about 20 minutes of substantial work today.
"it's exclamation point Scott! It's EXCLAMATION POINT SCOTTTTTT!!!" - exclamation point scott morlando
i bought Ben more Snap Peas this weekend. then ate them.
we're having a party coming up. questionable theme. you'll know why if you didn't get invited.
Happy Monday :)