Monday, November 22, 2010

simply lovely

{my boys, taken by trees}

covering the trippy animal collective tune

Friday, November 19, 2010

what a tease

{beautiful bianchi milano}

this hot ride has been locked up in front of my office all day

so pretty!! the leather seat, the celeste green mudguards, the arched top tube
if only it were mine....

sadly my little yellow bike was stolen from me several weeks ago,
but i think this beauty could help me recover from my loss

image via

Thursday, November 18, 2010

shopping galore

i've been poking around eastern market in DC and little shops in virginia and west virginia along my travels and stumbled upon some super cute and unique finds.

{very beginnings of inspiration for my new room}

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

new tunes Tuesday. Round 23. LCD Soundsystem... and another special treat

LCD soundsystem hit the music scene in 2002 with Losing My Edge, dabbled in other singles and minor releases the next several years, then came back in 2010 with This is Happening - potentially my favorite record of the year. so they are not so new but have been all over my playlists the past few weeks and kept me awake during some long car trips. new or old? i can't decide which i like better, but i know i love it all - the hooks, the drops, james murphy's affected vocals, even the cowbells. it comes together in totally addictive, beat heavy, dancey, epic songs. check it out:

{daft punk is playing at my house, lcd soundsystem}

{drunk girls, lcd soundsystem}

london dance-punkers also gaining spots on said playlist - New Young Pony Club. here's to colorful video tuesday!
{ice cream, new young pony club}


i am back!
after weeks and weeks of
traveling and traveling
pictures and music and lots of fun to come

sweet d