Friday, June 25, 2010

shake it

bob boilen and friends go over their summertime dance faves this week! my favorites are Uffie, with Gramaphonedzie in close second. dj dance party in the new backyard? eh, eh??

also, i have decided that after meeting bob, religiously listening to his show, residing in the same city as he, creating New Tunes Tuesday AND being quite the dancer myself, that i MUST be a guest on ASC. this will be the first blog petition to get me to npr - Bring Sweet D to ASC!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a birthday night

more fun from our night out for ilana's birthday
{roommates in their new logan circle apartment!}
{cute friends}
{heading to dinner at Commissary}
{ran into the pride parade}
{ilana made a new friend at dinner}
{edi on the dance floor}
{ilana, lookin' hot}

places, on film

{big bear cafe, washington, DC}

{cinnamon bay, st. john}

sweet talk, sweet talk

with 2 FULL hours of music last night, the New Pornographers show was by FAR my favorite in the past year plus. neko was totally on and the dan bejar songs are always my favorites. i was singing these two the whole way home...
(more fun posts coming soon!)

{These are the Fables}

{Silver Jenny Dollar}

Monday, June 14, 2010

the sweetest of birthday wishes

to my dear, dear friend. i wish i could be there for the fun, adventures and laughs today. glad we got plenty in on the weekend, though. i hope you have an amazing day! here's to another great year ahead.
happiest 24th.
lots of love,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

dinner with friends

and sooo much more. we started with lounging and coffee and sex and the city, moved on to dinner, a quick roof party, then endless music and dancing at Vegas Lounge. tons more pictures to come.
Amazing night
{girls at Commissary}

Friday, June 11, 2010

my friends rock

and so did Passion Pit!
last thursday we all met up after work, danced to some top 40 in the car, grabbed Chix burritos and burrs, waltzed on down to the 9:30 club and boogied 'til the wee hours with Tokyo PC and Passion Pit. what an awesome night. here's how it went...
{jamie, lookin' purdy}

{hi fish!}

{the driver of the car}

{ben's first time drinking beer}

{ready for the show!}

{tha ladies with tha fish}

{heyyyoooooo, jamie's havin' fun}


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jim Darling Photography

i met photographer Jim Darling at the 9:30 club on monday night while trying to slyly score some tickets to the Broken Bells show. what a great guy - he hung out with us, chatted about his iphone photo project, helped up get our tickets and even took a few shots while we waited. check his stuff out.

{yours truly}

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

new tunes Tuesday. Round 11. the bewitched hands on top of our heads

{work, the bewitched hands on top of our heads}


french kids, freak folk, messy harmonies, lo-fi vids, cool shoes, non-stop pop, worth a listen. or five. you'll get hooked.


{tonight, the bewitched hands on top of our heads}

Monday, June 7, 2010

a tasty combo

past due pictures of our celebratory summer cake - lemon and blueberry! SO delicious.

{vanilla cake + homemade blueberry filling}

{vanilla icing flecked with lemon zest}

{jamie, icing away}

{extra berries for the top}

{the final product.}

farewell, sweet weekend

{uncle Jack with the M Streeters}
{photo courtesy of Nique. which may or may not have been edited from this gem}
welcome back from the weekend! this photo was taken during last summer's outing to Wounded Knee, South Dakota for a weekend with Krishnan's Uncle Jack. a weekend where Jamie sported wrist bands mid-calf (QUITE baller of her), Krish looked incredibly happy in his teal short shorts, and I was 3 and a half feet tall. ahhhhh, the good times.
this weekend, though, the 3 M Streeters were split up - jamie and krish off frollicking at the Daddio compound on Chincoteague, and i was holding down the m street fort, playing a couple soccer games, catching a jazz festival show at Utopia, going swimming and fried fish eatin' out at Hains Point (!), fiiiiinally checking out Dickson, and possibly contracting emphysema from the 95 degree smoggy weather the District was enduring.
ooooh, and planning ahead for Happy Wednesday this week. what do y'all think of catching some italian ice and an outdoor movie?