Wednesday, August 25, 2010

late nights

how we keep ending up at Rocket Bar? not too sure. but a late night out that includes killer fashion, oooodles of PBR, and legthy stories of brent's recent escapades - not too bad.

{footwear wars}

{flannel wars}

{flannel love}

happy wednesday!
see y'all at old dominion

images courtesy of:
jay-may, moi, and
jamie's new badass camera
to further document
our fun
fun lives

friends, photos

some friends' photos and other blogs i'm totally digging:
{m street's very own jamie rowe! showcasing food and photos}
{brian and his beautiful life in london}
{jeff's travels and generally exciting photography}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

new tunes Tuesday. Round 18. Janelle Monae and beyond.

{tightrope, janelle monae ft. BoB & lupe fiasco}
super quick while i pull myself away from work/listening to this on repeat. CHECK THIS OUT. my friend sent me an invite to the upcoming Of Montreal show at the 9:30 club and mentioned the Janelle Monae was the opener. i checked her out to help decide if it was worth seeing OM yet again. while they're an odd billing together - her soulful, hip-hop, almost punky feel, and their theatrical, suuuuuper psychedelic pop sound - she seems like she'd ROCK live.
i only got a few songs in and got hooked on this one. it is MAD good.

Monday, August 23, 2010

crop mobbing

{crop mobbers, great falls, virginia. photo courtesy of crystaline randazzo}
another crob mob! i spent all day saturday helping out at Chris and Sara's Maple Avenue Market farm in Great Falls - a stunning piece of land owned by an inspiring couple who left their corporate career jobs to pursue a life in farming, providing local, healthy food to their neighborhood and local schools. they've got their own farm that you can visit and volunteer at any monday, and also their own store and funky truck where they sell their produce along with partner farms' goods and specialty foods.
and i met super cool freelance photographer crystaline randazzo. she has gorgeous galleries from various travels up on her site, and also gave a shout out to the crob mobbers on her blog! be sure to check her stuff out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hello, steve.

watermelon guy
saw you in georgetown sunday
with Apple this time
♡ sweet d

new tunes Tuesday. Round 17. Mayer Hawthorne

an ode to (baby) Krishna(n) because it's his birthday! well, yesterday. sadly it did not coincide with M Street's new tunes Tuesday. but i will share with you his latest obsession. we reenacted this video to celebrate last night.

{the ills, mayer hawthorne}

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here We Go Magic.
i went into this show not really knowing what to expect, but hoping that they brought some more energy, depth, excitement than their first album of mellow songs. their second album PIGEONS is good. very good. but nothing more. i had this feeling, though, that they would have some more power live. and if they could impress/play with the likes of Grizzly Bear - they're a band worth checking out.
and it was definitely worth it. they had noise, energy, passion and a fun, dancey psych-folk feel. and the Luke Temple babe factor didn't hurt either.
ALSO! my theory is reconfirmed! chick bassists? all of them are HOT. very HOT.
okay, so check out one of their best numbers of the night. so far, no good live versions floating around out there, but this one is solid.

{collector, here we go magic}

our DC

while making my way home from LUX the other night (yuk yuk yuk) i snapped some shots of our 'hood. purdy, aint it?


plans show we're heading back again this weekend, too! who's in, who's in??

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new tunes Tuesday. Round 16. second Wilco schoolin'

album number 2, Being There, came out only a year and a half after their first (kind of) tank, A.M., to much critical success – it begins to touch on experimentation, darker imagery, and thoughts outside of their initial alt-country pigeon hole. while a few of my favorite Wilco songs hail from this here album, i again, (i’ll be sounding like a pretty weak fan after Rounds 1 and 2 - much high praise will be coming with later albums, i SWEAR) i am not super duper crazy album numero dos. it’s polished, about 6 songs too long, the songs are short, some are even peppy (gross), and only a handful of songs display Wilco’s true potential. definitely on their way, though.

and check them out sounding twangy on this number.

this is america

my sandals are stained with dirt and ketchup and my clothes have yet to air out from the sweaty, barn yard-y, deep fried oreo stench, but it was SO WORTH IT. we spent Sunday at the Howard County Agricultural Fair playing with baby goats, cheering on Little Miss 4-H, shooting water guns, riding the Tornado (MISTAKE 1), settling our stomachs with fried cookies (MISTAKES 2, 3), shopping at the John Deere merchandise barn and keeping cool/making friends with my new hand fan (see below).
i wholeheartedly recommend spending a day at the fair if you are one craving pie eating contests, spinning tea cup rides, stomach aches, petting zoos and general america-ness. it will satisfy.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new tunes Tuesday. Round 15. Sweet D folk radio edition

with the Newport Folk Festival just finishing up this past weekend, i've been starting to check out some the awesome live performances they had. when i don't have time to poke around for new live shows to check out at work, i fall back to these guys that i never seem to get tired of. here are some of my favorite folk acts - ranging from twangy to slightly electronic to bob dylan-esque. ENJOY.

{vice rag, aa bondy}

{sea of tears, eilen jewell}

{king of spain, the tallest man on earth}

{bones of man, chad van vangaalen}

Monday, August 2, 2010

new duds

{jamie, me, dc adventure}

soooo, being gone most mondays-fridays leave most catching up, shopping, manicures, baking and other twin (see striking resemblance above and below) shenanigans for weekends. like this weekend for example - kicked off with a visit to the new neighborhood nail salon, over to Jeff and Ben's, out for empanadas/Cafe Citron/jumbo slice, m street after/sleepover party, a spectacular day outside saturday, followed by dinner - m street style (exciting new photo blog!), then a wildly fun evening of dupont, chinese food for breakfast and very little sleep. sunday = recovery. it's tough to cram it all into one weekend!
SOOOO, the last weekend that i was home in the district, jamie and i went on a shopping adventure that ended with us laughing till we were crying and taking these photos.

we only saw it fitting that scott said farewell to dc (living in Boulder, CO now) in style. 1 touristy adventure outfitted the 4 of us. my pants sadly (or purposely) cannot fully be seen. i HEART dc jeggings? YES, i am now the proud owner of a pair. certain involved parties mayyyy have not wanted these shared, but these are just too sweet to hold to myself. ENJOY! and be sure to compliment krishnan and his "special lady" shirt

pizza pizza

{aunt camille, mom, and me prepping for the party}

for our big family barbecue last weekend, me and my mom couldn't decide whether we wanted to do some big grilled pizzas for dinner or the usual grilled fare - burgers, dogs, veggies, etc. we settled on pizza for appetizers and other grilled goodies for dinner. homemade pizza topped with fresh tomato sauce, arugula and a little olive oil and lemon? maybe the perfect summer meal.

who's up for an M Street pizza night? hopefully our tiny new kitchen has enough counter space to handle pizza makin'. more photos and my mom's famous pizza dough recipe to come!