Friday, January 22, 2010

passion pit.

those of you who know my music tastes/likes/current obsessions, know that i've been crushing HARD on passion pit's latest album, Manners. and just this past sunday, one of my favorite songs - Moth's Wings - was featured on another one of our obsessions - Big Love. and now, you can move on from the three lines that they played to get the WHOLE song stuck in your head! yay! and i think we should should have a poll.... Which Wedding Dress Would You Rather NOT Wear?... Amanda Seyfried's mormon frock in Big Love or cracked out chick's 80s polyester disaster in THIS video? Tough call.

m street BALLERS caption contest!

for the first installment of The Caption Contest, we have a handsome shot of our very own Nique Chamberlain, editor-in-chief of the M Street Mansioneer! leave your caption in the comments. my favorite comment will be posted the next day with an even sweeter pic of our dear friend, Nique.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the age-old story of a bathroom creeper

Have you seen THIS MAN?
He was last spotted on January 13 at approximately 1:22am, insanely inebriated and sound asleep (see "asleep") on the sidewalk at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue NW, and N Street NW. Prior to his sidewalk slumber, he was spotted escorting Jamie Rowe to the second floor bathroom of The 18th Street Lounge, licking strangers' ears, inappropriately inserting himself in others' conversations, arguing with a bar patron about the bicycle shaped patch on his man purse (bar patron asks THIS MAN if he had a bicycle patch on his man purse - - - THIS MAN, perturbed, looks at the bicycle shaped patch on his man purse, then responds with a confused head nod, followed by an angry growl), and looking like this, then THIS! (see below).
Please respond if you know the whereabouts of THIS MAN.
Or if you would like more disturbing stories or images from jwow's last night not in the witness protection program.
Or if you would like to hire me for my adept Paint skills.




Monday, January 18, 2010's birthday at the esl

"i'm so happy to be here right now! yippeeeee!"

twin lovin' indeed.

hi ben!
a fantastic night full of friends
new friends (ahem, jamie)
frat boys
mango bellinis
inappropriate dancing
tango lessons
thievery corporation
late night noodle soup
getting kicked out of a bar
at 2am
on a tuesday
happy birthday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy birthday jamie :)

(Jamie with her birthday candle necklace. So cute!)
Jamie jamie jamie rowe
the only Cherokee/New Englander/Pennsylvanian i know
trust she will make
a mean, delicious cupcake
ask her nice and she'll even crochet
one amazing, purdy beret!
the pentagon is mighty pleased
that she can event-plan with ease
from ESL to a ballet
she is always game to dance the night away!
at 402 we want to show
our love for jamie rowe
ben and dani

Thursday, January 7, 2010

no better way to celebrate the coldest day of the year..

Then baking cake and sitting in front of the fire. We ditched the Pillsbury box and made our own, while David was studying hard in the living room.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

good night my little ballers

i hope your Wednesdays were fabulous

pure LOVE.

They unveiled this number at their last show at the Black Cat. It has made my post-long-weekend workday mornings much more enjoyable. Thank you, Jade. And please tour again soon.