Friday, February 26, 2010

have a lovely weekend!

hopefully the weather will soon take a turn for the warmer and we can again spend our post-work friday afternoons dancing in the sunshine.

taking a nod from A Cup of Jo, i thought it'd be fun to share some of my favorite posts, stories, fashiony goods and whatever else i loved on the web this week. have a great weekend! and enjoy....

An adorable map-printed bikini. Perfect for my upcoming getaway. 27 days!!
Breakfast for dinner (and a little NJ in DC!).
Dinner tonight, though. Yes, please.
Michelle Obama, you ROCK.
A perfect wedding in the tiny town where I spent every summer.
A beautiful song with a beautiful video.
Pretty bike photos for when it's too cold to ride my own bike.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a delicious evening.

after a weekend cooped up in my office, we all gathered at our place on Sunday night for hot chocolate, Big Love, and a batch of Smitten Kitchen's soft pretzels.
YUM. a perfect way to kick off the week. i'm thinking this would be a good snack for next sunday. thoughts? (and, only 29 more days until our St. John getaway!!!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new tunes Tuesday. Round 2. Broken Social Scene.

FINALLY another Broken Social Scene album. well, it doesn't actually come out until May 4th, but the first song released - World Sick - should get you pretty damn excited. it's a shining example of how BSS loves to build songs, and sounds like a healthy mix of Pacific Theme instrumentals and Kevin Drew's rockin' vocals on It's All Gonna Break. turn it up and turn it on loop. it's awesome.

Monday, February 22, 2010

think warm thoughts...

...and get fucking jealous of me! (and jamie and ben and david and krishnan, too!!)

because in just a few short weeks (let's start the countdown now - 31 days, suckers!) we'll all be escaping this miserable DC weather to shake off our winter blues on the blissfully hot, sunny beaches of St. John. Cinnamon Bay, to be exact. doesn't that just SOUND sexy and beautiful?

so it went a little something like THIS: one cold and blustery evening (think 6 degrees coupled with 5 ft. snow drifts mounted against our house), five friends were cuddled up on the couches of our M Street abode, dreaming aloud of a warm trip outside of the District.

David: why don't we go camping on St. John?
Jamie: tickets look prettttttty cheap
Krishnan: yeah, let's do it! I could use a nice tan!

(elapsed time: 12 hours)

we all bought ourselves tickets to the Virgin Islands on March 25th . easy as pie. spontaneous as can be.

i can see it now..... me and jamie looking like this, and this. while the boys cook us dinner and pick us fresh pineapples (wearing coats made of questionable materials). paradise - HERE WE COME!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow: the only weather we'll ever see again. EVER.

during the weekend's 3 ft. blast on the city (and after my jaunt to Dupont Circle to compete in the biggest snowball fight ever known to man), i stayed in for most of the weekend baking pumpkin cupcakes (fully documented on our house's new Twitter page!), cooking up extravagant late afternoon lunches, cuddling up with my space heater while reading fashion magazines and online shopping, and watching more of the America's Next Top Model than could ever be healthy. i survived it, though, and even ventured out again in the early hours of sunday evening to catch the late sun warming up the snow drenched M Street homes. this rich, late afternoon sun got me SO excited for the end of this weather and the beginning of.. Mmmmhmmm... spring!

Spring means temperatures WELL above 20 degrees, and late sunsets, and flowers, and late nights out on the deck, and sundresses, and no more boots!, and Tevas, and iced coffees, and outside concerts, and blueberry pancakes, and no more hat head, and waking up to weekend sun instead of grey skies and icicles covering my windows.
hopefully it's not TOO too far off. maybe after Snowpocalypse 3 that we're battling currently (blogging from the comfort of my cozy bed) we'll wake up to spring tomorrow. {long sigh}.
isn't M Street much more beautiful in the sun?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Tunes Tuesday. Round 1. Broken Bells.

in addition to dirty New England rock, hippie love ballads and electronic, er... love ballads, i'm totally digging Danger Mouse's latest project - Broken Bells. Danger Mouse, best known for The Grey Album, work on Beck's Modern Guilt, and with Sparklehorse on Dark Night of the Soul, has come back out on the scene in late December of 2009 with his debut collaboration with The Shins frontman James Mercer.

here's the latest single, The High Road, from their self-titled album Broken Bells. spacey intro, eerily catchy melody, exploratory electronica, a dash of harpsichord, and a very enticing vocal performance by Mercer.

half of the album is out now with the full deal to be released mid-March. hopefully this isn't the last album we'll hear from them.
(and check out another one of my so-far favorites from the album, Vaporize)

The High Road

Broken Bells MySpace Music Videos

Monday, February 1, 2010

they're prescription. i SWEAR.

"don't laugh. i can wear these glasses, drink this massive beverage AND play the drums."

"i think they compliment my beard, right?"

"he he he, i just feel silly."

"ladies - come and get it."

tucker and yankee.

so me and Scott both traveled home last weekend to meet the newest additions to our families - new pups! Tucker is Scott's new golden retriever and Yankee (fitting, yes) is my new golden doodle.
how freakin' cute?!

apparently Tucker's favorite hobby is to chew on Scott's hair

here's Yankee girl - so cuddly!

i think my hand was in her mouth the entire weekend. puppy teething
is so much fun

absolutely adorable

hopefully Yankee will get a trip to DC soon. she can play with my neighborhood puppies, see the monuments and eat at my favorite (and canine-friendly!) bakery, Baked & Wired.